Block Captains 2017

Our current block captains and co-captains by zone are:

  • 1. Ron Hagell, 3925 Yale Ave, 917-216-2098,
  • 2. Ron Hagell, 3925 Yale Ave, 917-216-2098,
  • 3. Lewis Kirk, 4000 Yale Avenue, 787-3450,
  • 6. Lewis Kirk, 4000 Yale Avenue, 787-3450,
  • 7. Bill Fairchild, 4233 Mimosa Road, 467-2422,
  • 9. Brad & Lauren Painter, 320 Kalmia Dr, 790-4786,
  • 10. Peter H. & Kathleen Swanson, 4247 Wilmot Avenue, 787-0963,
  • 11. Henry Nechemias, 2 Robin Hood Court, 738-0682,
  • 12. Kirby & Llewellen Shealy, 500 Kalmia Drive, 787-3744
  • 13. Pat Mason, 4201 Blossom St, 467-9570,
  • 14. Tony & Dianne Brown, 4200 Devine Street, 782-8893,
  • 16. Robert & Tina Brown, 2 Cameron Court, 252-5280,
  • 17. Rannie French, 611 LaBruce Lane, 256-2866,
  • 18. Matthew & Margaret Bodman, 603 Allens Way, 376-1181,
    Marvin Lare, 604 Allen’s Way, 779-9881,
  • 19. Ed Tilden, 4040 Bloomwood Rd, 213-6332,
  • 20. Steve Davis, 3801 Kilbourne Hill Road, 252-4026,
  • 21. Kathy Myers, 3810 Wilmot Avenue, 252-3600,

Please contact Lewis Kirk at 787-3450 or if you would be willing to serve as a block captain or co-captain.


Click on the map for a more detailed PDF version.

We are currently recruiting block captains!

Block Captains are the front line of the neighborhood association. Block Captains serve to pass information from the association organizers out to the neighborhood, and just as importantly, pass information from residents, renters and property owners back up to the assocation. Many of the tasks are ones that you would undertake just by being a good neighbor. To share the tasks, a Block Captain is encouraged to recruit a Co-Captain. The association has set up Block Captain zones as shown on the attached map.

Block Captain responsibilities include:

  • Get to know your neighbors on your block and urge them to join the association.
  • Distribute meeting notices and other materials door-to-door.
  • Attend association general meetings or recruit someone from your block to attend.
  • Act as an informal welcome wagon for new residents on your block.
  • Urge your new and existing neighbors to complete the neighborhood survey/census form.
  • If residents are renters, get the name and phone number (and other information if possible) of the rental agency or owner.
  • Establish a telephone tree for your block to pass along block neighbors information, association notices, or emergency alerts.
  • Be a contact for your neighbors for the Neighborhood Watch.
  • Relay information, suggestions, concerns, complaints and other information from your neighbors to the appropriate association officer.
  • Attend association general meetings or get your co-captain to attend.

If you or someone you know would like to be a Block Captain or Co-Captain for one of these zones, please contact Lewis Kirk at 787-3450 or

In setting up the Block Captain zones we have tried to designate logical areas; however, these zones can be combined, divided or otherwise redrawn to better facilitate the Block Captain’s tasks for any area of the neighborhood. If you have a suggestion. please let us know.