Current Sherwood Forest Neighborhood Officers

President: Gail Wojtowicz, 6 Robin Hood Court, (618) 402-8736 <>
Gail and her wife Meredith Boyd are 6-year residents of Sherwood Forest at #6 Robin Hood Court. Gail spent 34 years in the United States Air Force and retired as a colonel, after finishing multiple tours as a commander and extensive staff work at the Pentagon. She worked at the UofSC Belser Arboretum for four years and has been interim president of the SFNA for the past year.

Gail is energized by the increasing involvement she has seen across the board in Association development and projects. Her special interests are improving curb appeal, a new dog park, creating welcome signage to the neighborhood, and seeking stronger relations with other neighborhood associations and with city service support.

Vice President: Pat Mason, 4201 Blossom Street, (803) 467-9570 <>
Born 8/1/46. Raised on MN horse farm. Lots of 4-H projects. Earned BSBA from Denver University. Served 11 years as a destination sales & marketing executive with Marriott International in DC, NYC and Chicago. Recruited to Columbia by Don Tomlin (US Capitol Corp.) in 1983 as VP for real estate marketing. Purchased 4201 Blossom residence in Sherwood Forest. Organized first iteration of our Sherwood Forest Association.

Formed American Lodging Resources, Inc. with Leyla in 1986. Created a 501.C6 non-profit in a grant partnership with SC PRT to attract visitors with intentions to invest and or relocate to the Carolinas.

Celebrating third year of retirement. Recently completed 2-yr stint as Chair of 28-member Board of Directors serving the SC Wildlife Federation. Currently leading SFNA Block Captain team, Co-chair of Branding Task Force. We love and are committed to nurturing the safety, friendliness and identity characteristics of Sherwood Forest.

Secretary: Kate Barton, 4100 Devine Street, (904) 742-0884 <>
Kate and her husband Parker are relatively recent residents to Sherwood Forest at the corner of 4100 Devine and Poinsettia. They are both sales and marketing experts. Kate is in the insurance field with responsibility for South Carolina and Georgia. Both are on the road frequently. They are invested in the success of the neighborhood and when Kate is unavailable, Parker will stand-in to cover Secretarial duties.

Treasurer: Henry Nechemias, 4 Robin Hood Court, (803) 738-0682 <>
Henry is a resident at 4 Robin Hood Court, has served as the Treasurer for about six years and is willing to continue supporting the Association in that role. He is a long-time officer for the non-profit, South Carolina Railroad Museum in Fairfield County.

His wife, Valerie, has been an Association member for more than 30 years and has recently organized the Forest Friends Committee.

Safety: Position Open
Appearance: Dave Nelson, 2 Robin Hood Court, (803) 787-3064‬ <>
Social: Position Open
Membership: Pat Mason, 4201 Blossom Street, (803) 467-9570 <>
Legal: Kirby Shealy 500 Kalmia Drive, (803) 787-3744 <>
Arboretum Liaison: Gail Wojtowicz, 6 Robin Hood Court, (618) 402-8736 <>
Forest Friends: Valerie Marcil, 4 Robin Hood Court, (803) 331-1138 <>