SFNA Forest Friends

We hope everyone survived the little blow we just experienced, and family and friends are all safe!

Every time we have a big storm, we lose some trees, and folks often get scared and decide to cut down trees in their yard.

Please think carefully, though, before you cut down trees. If you are concerned, get trees evaluated by a professional arborist. Most healthy trees weather storms just fine. And trees provide so many other benefits. They actually help to absorb all the water from storms that would otherwise run off, erode property, and cause flooding. Large shade trees can lower summer temperatures by as much as 10 degrees – and it takes about 40% coverage of a given area to have that cooling effect. So every tree is important!

Our inaugural offer of free native trees for neighbors was a success! We are partnering with the Midlands Chapter of the SC Native Plant Society to order 15 requested trees. Most folks were interested in trees with fall color or spring blooms. Some of the favorites with blooms were Red Buckeye, Dogwood, and Redbud. Larger trees chosen with great fall colors were Blackgum, Sweetgum, and Persimmon. Keep an eye open for some of these new trees in the coming months!

While ordering through Forest Friends for this year is closed, the fall is a great time to plant trees, shrubs, and perennials. If you are looking for natives that support pollinators, birds, and other wildlife, check out the October 14th and 15th Midlands Native Plants Sale.

Did you know that pollinators contribute to one in every three bites of food we eat?! And pollinators rely mostly on native plants.