Sherwood Forest Crier, July 1, 2021

Sherwood Forest Neighborhood Association Crier July 1, 2021
Hear ye, hear ye,
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July 1, 2021

Have a Safe and Sane July 4th Holiday!

We have reasons to celebrate this July! Fully-vaccinated folks have been advised they can resume normal activities around other fully-vaccinated folks, but it is also advisable to keep wearing masks and practicing social distancing in other settings and to avoid crowds!

Handle fireworks safely (or not at all!) and be considerate of your neighbors. Or attend one of the professionally managed fireworks shows around town.

Happy Holiday!

SFNA General Meeting
Wednesday, August 11, 6:30pm-8pm

The next scheduled SFNA general meeting is August 11. We plan to meet in person at the Sherwood Forest ARP Church on the corner of Wilmot and Beltline.

The City of Columbia municipal election for mayor and an at-large council seat will be held Tuesday, November 2. We are inviting the mayoral candidates to attend our general meeting, give a short presentation and answer questions.

If you have questions, answers, requests, offers or comments about the neighborhood, you can join the discussion in our SFNA private group on Facebook at Only your neighbors can see who’s in the group and what is posted.

Carolina Cookin’ Food Truck
Saturday, July 17, 5pm-7pm

I just wanted to let everyone know so you can put this on your summer calendar. The Carolina Cookin’ Food Truck will be in the parking lot of Sherwood Forest ARP Church on Saturday, July 17 from 5pm until 7pm. The Fellowship Hall of the church will be open so you can get your food from the truck and then come inside to sit and eat in the comfort of AC. We will have tables set up inside. Please come, and tell your friends and neighbors to come.

Russell Harless

Carolina Cookin’ Food Truck website…

UofSC Belser Arboretum Open House
Sunday, July 18, 1-4pm

All are welcome to join us at Open House, always the 3rd Sunday of every month. Gates are open at Bloomwood Road and Wilmot Avenue.

Please note that trails are natural and hilly in sections. Restrooms are not available. Please leave pets at home. Visitors are asked not to park on the lawns of surrounding properties.

Follow the Arboretum on Instagram and see Facebook for event info.

Contact Gail Wojtowicz at 618 402-8736 or by email or see UofSC’s Department of Biological Sciences W. Gordon Belser Arboretum web page.

City of Columbia CRT Officer

Our CRT (Community Response Team) Officer! Officer David Gibb is the Sherwood Forest neighborhood contact at the Columbia Police Department. A CPD officer attends our quarterly general meetings.

South-East Community Response Team Officers working along side the Property Crimes Investigation Unit arrested an individual with outstanding warrants in multiple jurisdictions including South Region in reference to auto-breaking incidents.

Officers worked hard to safely locate David Rice who was wanted in connection with auto break-ins in the Devine St. and Garners Ferry corridor. Through swift investigatory work and excellent team work, Rice was located at an acquaintances residence and taken into custody where he was booked into Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center (ASGDC).

I will always encourage residents to be vigilant and help the police help you. Camera footage played a very important role in identifying a suspect in this case and I have seen may others where footage was crucial to identifying and catching suspects. I would encourage anyone who is willing, to install cameras to help protect you and your property.

As always, all persons arrested/charged are presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty in a court of law.

Thank you for reading,
MPO Gibb

Report a personal or property crime immediately to the City of Columbia Police by calling 911. To report suspicious activity, call 911 or the non-emergency number 252-2911 or our CRT (Crime Response Team) Officer David Gibb at Then alert your neighbors!

Visit the Columbia Police Department for more information.

Where Do All These Pesky Mosquitoes Come From?

According to DHEC, at least 61 different species of mosquitoes exist in South Carolina. Mosquitoes are a pest, but they can also spread diseases such as West Nile, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, La Crosse encephalitis, Saint Louis encephalitis virus, and dog/cat heartworm although the occurrence of mosquito-born diseases in SC is relatively low in part thanks to control programs managed at the local community level.

As a homeowner the most effective action you can take to reduce mosquito numbers in your yard and the neighborhood is to eliminate standing water! Some types of mosquitos only need a tablespoon of water to develop in. About the size of a bottle cap!

Mosquitoes breed in artificial containers and natural areas such as rain gutters, bird baths, flower pots and trays, tires, tarps, cans, tree holes, drainage areas and debris piles. Anywhere water may stand for 2 or 3 days which is the time it takes for mosquitoes to complete their life cycle from egg to wriggler to tumbler to flying, biting adult! So check your yard after a rain and eliminate those breeding opportunities.

To enjoy your yard, use a personal repellent and wear light colored long pants and shirt. Citronella candles or a strong fan in the area can be moderately effective.

Before deciding to spray your yard or hire a service, consider that you are only killing mosquitos that are in your yard at the time of spraying with a toxic pesticide. Mosquitos will quickly re-populate your yard from the surrounding area. You are more likely to kill butterflies, bees, ladybugs and fireflies in your yard than the mosquitoes you’re trying to get rid of!

See the DHEC website for comprehensive information on mosquitoes!

More information from the Clemson Home and Garden Information Center.

SFNA Adopt-A-Highway Clean Up
Saturday, August 21

Please contact Dave Nelson at 803 447-4793 or for information or any questions.

Crier emails
We are making an effort to send out these informational emails around the first of every month to keep neighbors up do date on neighborhood events, and other events and information of interest. It’s cheaper and better for the environment not to print and pass out fliers! But we could all probably use the exercise!

If you have information of interest to the neighborhood, please pass it along and we may include it in a future Crier.

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